September 24th, 2003

Big Flower

Busy Span

Delerium in heavy rotation after the show monday night, drove into Manhattan for the first time in 15 years (I've been strictly railroad since) and had absolutely no problem getting in and getting parked. Hung around and met up with seltzerduke, sadly didn't get to meet phamos818 who migrained out.. The show was quite good, though Kristy Thirsk's vocals were very raw. Conjure One put in a decent opening set. After bidding goodnight to the ever laconic Damian, Dawn and I headed back, which turned out to be just as easy as getting there. Even though I almost dozed off while driving by the time I got home I couldn't fall asleep till after 3AM. This of course led having a:

Really Sucky Tuesday, Exhaustion + driving rain + plus mail jammed in to case badly by loser scab who also left many mis-delivered pieces for me to pick up = not a good day. Collapsed fairly early after NYPD Blue premiere.

Today: My Day Off

  • Mowed Lawn

  • Edged Lawn

  • Planted 100 crocus bulbs

  • Planted 100 daffodil bulbs

  • went to credit union

  • picked up Sarah at work

And Fred and MaryRose will be over in a little while for the usual Wednesday dinner.

So it's been busy
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    "Silence [Album Version Edit]" by Delerium / Sarah McLachlan