October 26th, 2003



A glimpse at the howling madness behind reality. Luckily I know that there's two sides to every "reality", otherwise I'd go crazy in short order. The search for patterns can bring me to the brink of paranoia (isn't that the definition of paranoia).
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Friday Evening

I deftly prepared 12 pounds of pork cutlets into fairly passable Jagerschnitzel, then made 10 pounds of German Patato Salad. The thrill, living back in my mothers house forces me to be neat to a degree that drives me nuts, cleaning as I'm cooking is just to much unwanted motion, the consequence of not doing so is incessant, under the breath mumbling complaints.
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Heh, one of my favorite songs ever is playing.

Saw Laura on Saturday, I've Known her for 25 years, we see each other once or twice a year and compare info about our lives. I've never seen her as depressed and hopeless as yesterday, not even when she was living with a guy who beat the shit out of her. I'm not close enough to say "hey what the fucks the matter". I'm thinking I'll make it a point to "run in" to her again in the very near future.

As for a random observation, why do I keep my work area at work meticulously neat, whereas my desk at home looks like a war zone?
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Saturday Night

Lodges late Oktoberfest. Ate some food, drank some beer, felt fairly wistfull since this was the last time a did anything with my father last year before his stroke.

My food was appreciated including the potato salad which I was certain I'd botched badly.
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