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March 31st, 2004

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04:02 pm - Top Ten Songs of.... (well you figure it out)
Following in the footsteps of moonriddengirl my graduating year top 10:

10. Hopelessly Devoted To You - Olivia Newton-John
9. It's A Heartache - Bonnie Tyler
8. Imaginary Lover - Atlanta Rhythm Section
7. Our Love - Natalie Cole
6. Le Freak - Chic
5. Night Fever - Bee Gees
4. MacArthur Park - Donna Summer
3. Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel
2. Last Dance - Donna Summer
1. Here You Come Again - Dolly Parton
Current Mood: amused

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Top Ten Songs of.... (well you figure it out) - An Agent of Fortune

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