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An Offer (CD Talk)

I was very late in adopting CDs, it wasn't till about 1996 that we got a CD player. I recently acquired a 40gig IPOD, and have just finished transferring all my CDs to it. Since I only half filled it, I've come to the conclusion that I need to expand my music collection. So here's the offer tell me two (2) albums or twenty (20) individual tracks I must have and in exchange you'll get a completely random 140 min mix from my library.

My collection so far can be seen here This doesn't include my classical set or the several hundred LPs That I didn't replace with a CD.

The Following artists can be excluded (since they're my obsession)

Ani DiFranco
Kate Bush
Blue Oyster Cult
Tori Amos
Bob Marley
Steeleye Span

Classical music can be excluded, since my tastes there are strange and unexplainable.

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