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January 8th, 2005

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07:11 pm - Holiday Recap
Holiday madness:

  • Chistmas Eve - Sarah decided she was going to host the Honoré familly dinner, she is now the 4th generation of women to so since her great-grandmother Jennie Honoré. All the more surprising since being a vegetarian she was not able to eat most of the standard dishes :) About 25 people showed up for the food and exchange of gifts.
  • Christmas Day - Nothing special, I received some cool gifts, socks and a Rocky and Bullwinkle DVD set, not to mention fabulous items from warsop and finch500!
  • New Years Eve - Sticking to my custom of doing nothing I celebrated the New Year by staying home alone and watching 200 Cigarettes as per the pevious four years.
  • New Years Day - was spent cleaning the house.
  • Twelveth Night - I threw my first 12th Night party in about 8 years, made a huge standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, string beans, a tasty wassail bowl, and many other items. About 15 people showed up including some friends I have not seen in several years, however none of you people came over.
  • Epiphany Day - was devoted to cleaning and starting to dismantle the Christmas tree.

All things considered after the last few crappy years this was the first decent holiday season, because my daughter decided she was going to do something nice for her cousins and that spilled over into everything else.

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